Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A new year and new start...

And i am back...
Like a very bad blogger who disappers for months. But back after loads of events and changes in life and work. On that later... 

A new year kick start with a fresh note : Where beautiful details make a moment !! 
Well! if you can relate to these words, YES! you might go deep in thoughts. 
Ahmm ahm.. not by me. These are the works of the very famous, unique, artistic Kristy Rice at her studio Momental.

And here are some fantastic works by her..

I wonder what a feeling it would be when your cards are not only customized designed, but also each one is handcrafted to the best. !!

With a very bright and inspiring start to the year, I wish you all full of laughs, play, experiments, arts and LOVE!!

Love ketaki 

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