Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hi you all,
It has been just a tough time around here in Mumbai. i just hope all of the people around you are safe. The bomb blasts stress and continuous rains has made all of us around lazy and grey. We are helpless and talking about the event is actually frustrating now.
So just to refresh our mood i thought of putting down some fabulous and extremly refreshing work by a very dear friend of mine - Alankrita. To introduce her, she is an architect with a perfect sense of fashion and design and a really lovable friend. Rest you can see in the pictures. I have been asking for the pictures since long, though i am glad i got them today.
There is something about pictures and paintings- each has a story, a background to it, but when we see it we have our own story of it. Like every work has an impression on the viewer depends on each ones personality, surrounding and thoughts,even i feel an impact of these pictures on my mind.  Today when we all are hoping for a better day and our loved ones to safely reach home and everyone is looking for that ray of hope, this contributes to it all. I could relate each of the photographs with the word HOPE.

YES!! extremly refreshing

One of my favourites. That is what a work of an architect

So here they are and i hope you like them as much as i do.
And Dear Alan , thanks for sending these pictures. I do look forward for more.Love you.
And since i didnt get the titles for the photographs from the photographer, it would be great if you guys could suggest some or write what you feel when you look at them.
Have a good day..

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  1. Thank you sweetie!!This means a lot to me :)
    Thanks for everything. Love your spirit!