Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A yet another chapter !!

My friend happened to buzz "Similarity between a book and life –‘one chapter has to end for another one to begin". Perfect to me. My parents moved to our hometown and i will be sharing an apartment with a friend. Its all a mixed feeling. I would miss my parents. i was soo much used to see lots of faces after coming home, at the same time now i will be staying with friends which should be fun too. Well!! looking forward for these lots of changes to be fun.

home shifting.. was a real pain
But before that heres a small bye bye to the something i am going to miss the most. My terrace!! Our house was inside the lush greens of Aarey colony, and heres the view. You would know why i miss it soo much.

The planters in the campus

Ashoka flowers , all bloomed in April
Bird of Paradise . I love these flowers
Home to the Eagles

A view to die for

Yes!! I would soo miss all this.
The good thing would be atleast there would be pizza delivery at my new place.
Pardon my writing. I am not good at writing when I get senti..
Good Day!!


  1. Well!! i would upload the pictures of my new place too soon.

  2. hi miss is such... u loose sm n get more... :D ...change is d name of d game ... tc billi :P

  3. Hey Ketaki, nice blog...I liked the header, is it inspired from the Warli paintings? seem to have gotten the names of the flowers wrong...It is actually a Lobster Claw(Heliconia rostara) and not a Bird of Paradise(Strelitzia regia)...
    Sorry for being so pedantic about this..but well this should be brought to your notice...Have a great time Blogging....

  4. Hi Sandeep,thanks a lot for correcting me. its always a pleasure to learn and know things right. (though lobster claw is a lil scary name. y do anyone give such name to this beautiful flower)
    Well!! I am glad you liked the blog. Will sure keep posting and hope you enjoy it.
    GOOD DAY!!