Friday, June 17, 2011

Love for Art !!

Me with a friend have been looking for some paintings for her new house for almost a month now. It is when you are in a search mode for something, you tend to get deeply involved in it. And where some art piece is concerned my involvement goes natural.

The MFH synonymous with Indian art, and deservedly so, for no single artist has popularised Indian art, within the country and globally, as Husain has done. With ever going controversies over his works and thoughts, he was the first ever artist, whose works reached a very normal person, someone who didnt had a taste or intrest in art. And there was when i caught my intrest towards art. Today art and artist are well appreciated and absorbed in the society. Art pieces and paintings have also counted in for investments. And with this great artist being gone, he will always live with us through his art, and his body of work will continue to hold immense relevance in our nation’s art history
Heres a piece of MFH most recognised paintings, there is something amazing MFH does about the gestural abstraction as the world knows.

And well why not i share one of my favourite painters also. Mr. S.H. Raza.
"It must be said that of this period, with its gestural abstractions, the dark paintings with their resonances of night and its flickering lights are compelling compositions…Theyevoke powerful emotions even as their colour juxtapositions create a throbbing movement on thesurface" (Yashodhara Dalmia, The Making of Modern Indian Art: The Progressives, Oxford UniversityPress, New Delhi, 2001, p. 156)"
Do i need to say anything else?

 And atlast some of the paintings me and friend shortlisted and looking on getting them.

Painting by Arpita Das - Open  (available for sale online)

Painting by Arpita Das - Nature expressions (available for sale online)

Painting by Ritesh Meshram (available for sale online)
So now if you are planning to buy soem art pieces, there are lots available online, you can visit galleries and if you stay in mumbai there are number of really good art work you will get outside Jehangir Art Gallery.
I wish to find some time to explore painting myself too or have enough money buy some. :)
Have a great day!! cheers!!

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