Monday, January 23, 2012

Still with love

Once there was a life, relationship, innocence and love- pure, true and honest. It passed through years and just when i turned back, it looked blurred, not because the origin was distant, but for we had lot more things in our heart than love. And even though it is there deep in our hearts, we are still striving to find it. 

I wrote this long back. Today when i read it, I cannot believe i could write these lines, guess that innocence is distant from me now.

I cannot promise ....a life of sunshine,
I cannot promise... riches, wealth, or gold,
I cannot promise you... an easy pathway
That leads away from change or growing old,
But I can promise ...all my heart’s devotion,
A smile chase away your tears of sorrow,
A love ..that’s ever true and ever growing,
A hand to hold yours through each tomorrow,
Two loving arms shelter and protect you,
The knowledge ..that I need you more than ever,
And all the happiness ..that love can give you
As, hand in hand, we walk through life together.

Even if its blur and i am trying to find it back, i still love you.


  1. well written .. bili... n yes u can dear .. :)

  2. there is difference in how you see it....there were so called "many things" at that time as well. it's you think you are distant from what is just there!!