Sunday, June 5, 2011

Open to possibilities !!

Monday Morning... woke up to rains.
Had a hard time travelling with all water clogged Mumbai roads, traffic moving absolutely slow.
But something that rejunevated me and got me back to work mode. These are lines by Neha Awasthi's blog Corners and Moments. i love to read this blog.

I am absolutely looking at new possibilities and that would come from the small dreams you have which you tend to lookover.

I hope to have a great day forward ! And to freshen you up i would like to share with you a little dream. A dream backyard sitting!! with family and friends will be perfect. I have been planning to create a sitout space when i have my own house. Hope to have my own house soon!!!

I am sure you also have such lil dreams that you overlook. Take out time to ponder on them. That might make your life a little happier!!

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