Monday, June 6, 2011

Surprise of the day !!

It stopped raining again !! And i am loving the clear sky, breezy weather and the bright light.

i have had coffees over coffees trying to tackle with my extremly slow office desktop. Just when i was trying to delete some unwanted data from my office desktop, I came across some really wonderful pictures. These are taken by Kedar, the designer  who used this desktop before me and may be forgot to delete his data from it. So i though to share them with you. I am not sure if i would try to contact him, but i hope he is not mad at me for this.

Looks to me, he is fond of Mumbai townside. Well needless to say i definitely loved them and i am sure you would like them too.
Pls write some good comments to rescue me, if he plans to sue me some time.

Well that gets me to an idea. An idea to feature my favourite works of lots of my photographer friends. Keep looking on for it and have a wooooonderful day.

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