Monday, May 30, 2011

Inspiration Board for your Spaces

When i joined the furniture team and started with sofa design i cus barely feel there was anything to design, but in these three months not only i have learnt a lot but have realised its a difficult task. The proportions and appeal is one thing but the comfort, fabrics and ergonomics would just never end. Unlike some other furniture, the sofa has to be sampled tested for comfort and proportions. Yet i completed 3 sofa designs till now, i am just waiting for them to come on the floor. 

upholstered sofa in combination of textures

upholstered sofa with wood

fresh colors, light wood colors perfect a casual day

some other sofa units i liked

green sofa is much impossible to be liked in an Indian market, but you can not deny its looks fab.


  1. contemporary sofa's....with legs very sleek in proportion to the sofa over all. is it the order of the day ??? .. the designs looks gud specially the green ones

  2. Thanks for commenting rish2. well good you liked the green sofa. i l get you one.
    and this was definitely not the order of the day, its really difficult to put such designs in India retail. They are yet not liked a lot..