Monday, May 30, 2011

A Color Palatte Inspiration

Just when i was looking at some color palattes which would go with mass appeal, i came accross the online magazine{ }slowfashionhouse by Rigetta Klint. These are some briliantlly presented color guide.  
The Grey blacks highlighted with blue, yellow and greens

Grey, blacks and whites with rust greean and yellows

The beige with wooden brown complimented with rust golden and greens

Lovely rust mustard, browns, beige highlighted with orange tint

I hope you would love this almost universal color pallate and i would surely come up with some more intresting color pallates
view the complete issue 

Have a great day!


  1. :) i need sm more color option ... ;) keep it up dear ...

  2. This is fantastic.. What an elegant way to present colour palettes! Thanks for sharing Ketaki.. :)

  3. you are welcome.. guys.. m glad you liked it.. there are few moodboards i added yest. translating these color palates into the spaces and furnitures. hope you would like it too.

  4. great one! thanks kets for sharing it