Sunday, September 2, 2012

The rare gifts...

We all love recieving gifts. Of course! who doesnt. But its soo rare when you recieve something, that touch your heart, brings smile to your face and feels  soo special to you. OMG and i just happen to recieve something just like this... J
 Just few days back, one of my friend gifted me a membership to the library. Its all online, so you can choose the books and place the order online and they will deliver it to your home or office. Itsnt that great!! And after you fininshed reading, place order for the next book and yo will have someone to deliver you that book and pick the earlier one. Convinience at its best !!

A good book ,a hot tea and lovely rains outside the window
I love reading and had a good enough collection of books until a year back. The last year went by chasing deadlines, my wedding and then seting up my home and a routine. Somehow i missed these few of my hobbies. Well not any more..  just a week and i manage to read a lil bit everyday. And i am already  feeling happy...
Thanks  Juhi...
Carve out time from a day to do things you love. A lil bit of effort and you feel great..

A handmade note by me for Juhi. I seriously made something like this after a really looooong time.

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