Monday, October 29, 2012

Live your dream and Share your passion

Hello Everyone, 
I am back after a long time. I am back from my vacation for Durga Puja and really missing all the fun and all the relatives.
I have soo many things to share and no time to sit and write. So pardon me.
Since i came back yesterday, from two such a down to earth cities Nagpur and Bhilai, i m not liking Mumbai a lot. ( This happens to me everytime i am back from a vacation :x )
Warm people, the festive ambience and all the loved ones make even four days just perfect. And not to forget soo many yumm dishes everyday. 
Apart from all the love, fun and celebrations, this trip really inspired me to follow my passion, to turn my hobbies to something worth.
Making it big.. and sharing it with the world. A nice thought, but i am still directionless. 
Lets see what i figure out in coming days.. and if i do really live my dream.

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