Monday, May 14, 2012

Do what you want to do

Well i am back! with lots to write and  lots of topics in mind.Oh!! i missed writing soo much. Believe me, i got no time. Life has been a routine and now i desperately want to start writing again. Last few months have been hectic as never. Now i agree when people say, you get married and your life is changed.
But let me give you a sneek peek at what all things i already want to write about... It can be a long list including my wedding preps and some really funny and out of nowhere customs, my visit to Chor bazaar, Mumbai, an art and exhibition center known as Urban haat near my house, the life in Goa, a real nice book i bought called DECORATE by Holly Becker, my interior project and more...
But  right now i want to promise you i am going to be super positive writer. ( i m soo bugged with the front pages in newspapers). We all have a very hectic schedules. There are already soo much of to do lists that we just dont want to hear the stupid made up stories from the news channels. Even in the surrounding the positivity seems to be lost. So here i share with you a poster i recieved in an email. Till then, be happy and think positive. Will se ya soon.

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